Saga of the Old North

The Sins of our Brothers

Members of the first expedition into Barrowmaze (I.E. Clayton and Mike)

After Simlutas’ sacrificed a surrendered prisoner, all hell broke loose. A party hireling ran to Munedolr and reported the murder in hopes of some kind of reward. The Jarl’s Silver Gaurd were quick to catch up to the party and make arrests. Now you and yours sit rotting in the Munedolr dungeons awaiting your fate. You hope your small ties to the city Thief’s Guild will save you, but fear that you are simply peons to the affluent company of larcenists.

New Members: (Tyler, Austin, Phillip, James, Zachary)

Each of you have a reason for your character to be in jail. I give you creative license on why, so come up with something good.



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