Middle-Aged heretic hunter. Avid Treasure Hunter


Neutral Good
45 age

13 HP
3 Armor

12 Str
13 Dex
6 Con
12 Int
13 Wis
12 Char

Saving Throws:
15 Breath
12 Poison
14 Petrify or Paralyze
13 Wands
16 Spells or Spell-like Devices


The forces of Old Night. This is what a Witch Hunter combats. That was the Draven of old, framed by his superiors Herr Matthias and Jarl Einscringe.

While tracking his nemesis Warlock Veigar, his recent achievements of High Templar Witch Hunter were beginning to cause stir among the corrupt individuals within the holy temple. Knowing full well a good heart and logical mind would upset the balance of the punishment of death of heresy. Draven would support trail and investigations by torture. The traditional methods employed by a Witch Hunter. Incorporating these methods would cause the zealous and self-righteous to seem soft. So Matthias and Einscringe developed a plan to rid the Witch Hunter, or so they thought.

Upon Draven’s return to one of the chapter houses within the city of Marrenburg, Draven received a letter telling him there were immediate issues, recalling him to Altdorf, the capitol city of the land he hails from. Draven set off to Altdorf, ignoring the chance at catching the ever elusive Veigar.

At Draven’s arrival to Altdorf, Draven was immediately arrested and taken to the temple’s torture rooms. There, the pair of conspirators entrapped Draven and began various amounts of torture to the able minded Witch Hunter. One of which included a burn from a fire prod across Draven’s face, scarring his left eye.

Matthias, stripped Draven of his title as Witch Hunter and Einscringe exiled him from the realm, thrown out into the muck of the cruel world.

Mentally scarred and vowing for retribution, Draven then headed out into the world to regain power and the skills necessary to uncover the corrupt and bring the warlock Veigar to justice and uncover his plans. With God in his heart a man on a holy quest for vengeance, is something the evil should even fear.

Upon his visit to…

Draven’s info:
Mother: Elanor; Deceased – was a housewife.
Father: Draven; Deceased – a blade spinning warrior of tenacity and showmanship. Weapon choice; Axes imbued with magic, killed on the Fields of Justice.
Step-Mother: Bills mother.

  • Darius: Rival and also antihero uses giant axe to bleed opponents to death and has a chance to 1 HKO his enemies.
  • Bill: Halfing-half-brother journeys with Draven into the Barrowmaze and other adventures.
    Arya: Draven’s love interest, whom with he had a child(which didnt survive hours after birth). Location: Unknown
  • Veigar: Aged black mage, responsible for the destruction of the town of Karathas; which was completely annihilated by his primordial burst spell. It is presumed Arya was taken captive by Veigar and used as a tool to keep Draven at a distance.


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