A bitter old man that developed the Drunken Boxing martial art long ago. Good hearted and honorable.


Swayback was born in a faraway and exotic land to the east. Given up at birth by his peasant parents to a local monastery, so that he could live a better and nobler life then they did. As Swayback grew up, he quickly took to the life that had been set before him; He rigorously trained with the monks at the monastery, quickly learning and mastering the Wuju style of unarmed fighting. Because of his excellence in combat, the other students were envious and jealous, so they began call him "Swayback’, for his crooked spine, in an attempt to mock him. This however, only fueled the competitive nature of Swayback. He quickly rose to the top of the students, defeating them all in honorable combat at one time or another. As he went through adolescence, he became greatly respected among his peers, as well as the local townsfolk. He was revered for having a noble soul, being generous, and for defending the weak. When he reached adulthood, he left off for a pilgrimage to achieve enlightenment. He wandered through all the lands, being exposed to many things he had never even dreamed of. However, he also witnessed the misery in the world, particularly how the world outside of his home was heavily influenced by the amount of coin one had in their purse. Because of this, he himself vowed to never have more money than needed to live, preferring to work earnestly or to rely on the kindness of strangers.

Throughout his adventures, he made many friends because of his kindness, and became somewhat of a celebrity everywhere he went. However, because of this he saw many friends die. As a result, he drowned his sorrows in various liquors. His constant inebriation lead to the development of a unique fighting style, known as drunken boxing.

As he grew older, the sway of his back became greater. Because of his daily training regiment, as well as the hardships of living as a traveling adventurer, he is still very strong and agile.

Swayback has become bitter in his old age. He has become impatient with others and the way the world is run. He is particularly adventurous, he would do nearly any dangerous and foolhardy task just to boast that he has done it. He is very willing to trust people, which makes him come off as gullible at times. Loves to brawl and enjoys an honorable opponent.


Saga of the Old North Mickles