Saga of the Old North

The Sins of our Brothers

Members of the first expedition into Barrowmaze (I.E. Clayton and Mike)

After Simlutas’ sacrificed a surrendered prisoner, all hell broke loose. A party hireling ran to Munedolr and reported the murder in hopes of some kind of reward. The Jarl’s Silver Gaurd were quick to catch up to the party and make arrests. Now you and yours sit rotting in the Munedolr dungeons awaiting your fate. You hope your small ties to the city Thief’s Guild will save you, but fear that you are simply peons to the affluent company of larcenists.

New Members: (Tyler, Austin, Phillip, James, Zachary)

Each of you have a reason for your character to be in jail. I give you creative license on why, so come up with something good.

To Kill a Littleknight

Prison? Who needs it… The Thief’s Guild came through for Swayback and Crulaman, giving them the means to escape and a new means of surviving in Barrowmaze. The new editions, Osvaldir, Paladin of Thor with strength of an ox and morals of a nun. Draven, ranger and evil-hunter, who’s mantra seems to be: “Suffer not the witch to live.” Sylvanir, half-elven cleric of Heimdallr, bright guardian of this group of misfits, and watcher in the night. Bill, halfling brother of Draven, and may this be said about the small one, there are few with an aim that is truer. Seedot, elf with intense arcane prowess, and a sure-shot even if her aim is at the back of Crulamin’s minutely small head. This entry would be in vain if the power of Swayback’s mighty fist, albeit covered in mead, and the nimbleness of Crulamin’s attacks, and words, were not extolled. This troupe of misfits braves Barrowmaze for glory! For Empire! For Good! and most of all, for loot!!!

Addition. Subtraction. Addition.

Mourn for your losses, move on. Praise your gains, move on. Jamal will be handy with a blunt object, and would do anything to please his elf-master. The illusionist seems shady, but hey, isn’t shadiness part of our trade? The loss of Osvaldir took a toll on everyone, but if danger wasn’t about, the treasure wouldn’t be either. Things are getting tense though, town-side. Talk of assassinations and political feuds are buzzing the streets, and some feel a war is about. No need for picking sides yet though. War means money, and money is to be had on both sides of the field.


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