All Deities

Aegir God of Storms and the Sea

Balder God of Beauty and Charisma

Bragi God of Poetry, Eloquence and Song

Forseti God of Justice

Frey God of Sunshie and the Elves

Freya Goddes of Love and Fertility

Frigga Goddess of the Atmosphere

Heimdall (The Bright God), Guardian

Hel Goddess of Death

Idun Goddess of Spring and Eternal Youth

Loki God of Deception, Trickery and Lies

Magni God of Strength

Modi God of Courage and Rage

Norns The Fates

Sif Goddess of Skill in Battle

Surtur Lord of the Fire Giants
Thor God of Thunder

Thrym Lord of the Frost Giants

Tyr God of War and Law

Uller God of Hunting, Archery and Winter

Vidar God of Strength and Silence

All Deities

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